Meet Tasmanian contemporary artist and jeweller Janine Combes


Welcome to my studio. 

I make each piece of jewellery in my beautiful studio nestled in bushland by the sea on Bruny Island. Here at the very southern end of Australia I work to the sound of wind blowing through casuarina trees, and birdsong. Many days I'm treated to visits from my 'studio companions'- echidnas, wallabies and quolls.

I think of my jewellery pieces as tokens which symbolise nature, history and belonging. They have an organic, minimalist look. Earrings, necklaces, brooches, and rings are made from ethically sourced, high quality materials, including metals (sterling silver, gold, brass, steel and aluminium) and organic materials (buffalo horn, silk, paper). I’m intrigued by intricate textures and forms in the world around me. I like to think that my work makes the small shapes of life visible.

As well as making wearable, contemporary jewellery I also create installations for multi-art form exhibitions. This allows for more exploratory, larger scale work and for detailed thinking about history, culture and identity.

I don’t follow trends but make the pieces that I want to make. For me purchasing a piece of jewellery is for the longer term - it's not a disposable item which quickly fades from favour. These are unique pieces for you to love. They work with your body and style. You complete them with your memories.

Look for a gift to yourself or a much-loved friend or family member. Custom orders are available. I am always happy to chat so feel free to send me a message. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

 Janine Combes